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Life @ Law Schools

National Law Universities are microcosm of a world in itself. with a wide array of academic curriculum as well as extracurricular activities, living and learning are done simultaneously at fully residential campuses of NLUs. NLus are youe gateways to awesomness in every possible arena be it studying, researching, debating, moots, sports, fests, etc. It is magnificent how NLUs are always alive with activities along the ‘toil and trouble’ induced by a comprehensive academic curriculum.

Academics :Scoring CGPAs is extremely important and the key is to attend the long class hours and complete your assignments. Plus one has to be prepared for the paper presentations, projects, mid term tests, moots and end term examination. The key is to be consistently disciplined.

The rigorous and meticulous study pattern with lot of emphasis on research, discipline and proper practice of laws results in placing the qualities to lead and succeed. Thus, we see many students publishing articles and books too while studying in the NLU itself. The five year law course just not trains you for legal field but it trains you to excel the field whichever you may choose to go in. The proper learning and teaching ambience in these institutes prepares you for the strictly followed schedule they offer.

Students are required to study atleast 60-70 courses which includes law courses as well as other degree course like of B.A., B.Sc., B.B.A. etc., depending upon what you choose for. The In the final two years, the student has start opting for choice of subjects to expertise into. In the final year students are required to submit dissertations in their choice of law course from the given options.

Practical Training and Internships :

NLUs provide you with the best possible platform to get an idea about your
profession in field meaning in reality. Compulsory internships assures that students from the very first year starts to analyse and brace up for the realities of the profession. In these internships, student gets to come face to face with law in practice and learns to tackle the real issues.

NLUites has compulsorily to intern with NGOs, Lawyers at District Court, High Courts and at Supreme Court. Also they get to work with MNCs, International Tribunal, Law Firms.

An internship allows you to meet people who might help you land a job later on and give you the contacts in the industry you’re trying to break into.As an intern you’re not just there to get coffee or run errands but you’re there to gain actual work experience. The purpose of internships is only fulfilled if you are eager to learn and sincerely do whatever task is given to you by your senior. On successfully completing the internship many students are called up again or are offered placements by the organisation.

Moot Courts, Legal Aid Camps, Seminars and Parliamentary Debates :

Along with the regular academic activities NLUs organise compulsory and optional Moot Courts. The winning students qualify for the international and national moot courts and represent their respective university. With strict deadlines and successful lawyers as judges in these competitions, they are immense exposure for participating students to get a feel of actual court like environment and learn about law, drafting, court room manners, skill of argumentation in court.

Students also get to participate in legal aid camps where they get to deal with real life situations and give legal advice to needy. A student participating gets to learn about the real difficulties people face in approaching court and learns to deal with legal matters at ground level.

Seminars, conferences, symposiums are an important aspect of NLUs education style. Students learn to communicate their concepts, ideas and research by paper and article presentations in them.
A parliamentary debate is an academic debate event. In it teams are designated as the Proposition or the Opposition for each round of the competition. The timed debate is be adjudicated by a panel comprising adjudicators. This competition is a kind of training for students to work on their critical analysis and rhetorical skill.

Non-academic Extracurricular Activities :

With events ranging from sports meet to Intra and Inter-College fests like Strawberry Fields (NLSIU), Summons (NALSAR), Invictus (NUJS) and a plethora of others, students from across the country come to your campus. Not only law schools but IITs, IIMs and local colleges also participate in these fests.
Whatever is the competing event (from debates to elocutions to tug of war to face painting to ‘kachra kala’), it is ensured that all tastes are catered and no opportunity of exploring and rejoicing is missed.


The basic need why five year law course was desired to be brought in…to changes the set image of law in lay man’s eyes…It Was the zeal to improve the images of legal field…the aspiration to standardize the legal education to the world class status…the burning desire to expand the horizons of indian Legal industry and the job opportunities offered by it. All thesethings were the raison d’etre that today we have world class law teaching institutes like NLSIU, NALSAR, NUJS etal. The emergence of the five year law course has revolutionized the whole viewpoint regarding law as a career and a means to earn livehood. Today with the hybrid crop of the top law institution like NLSIU, Bangalore; NUJS, Calcutta; NALSAR, Hyderabad; NLU, Jodhpur; GNLU Ghandhinagar and NLIU, Bhopal and considered for recruitment in business world as well as internationally renowned organization. These Institutes are meant to make you excel and invincible for your career goal in different legal field. Law school just not trains you to challenge but also prepare you to solve the problems and create a new field, come up with your own radical solutions and ideas to change what you desire to. They train you to intelligently utilize the power tool ‘LAW’ to dare and transform anything and everything you need to while you endeavor to touch skies and get your goal of social change, economic change or for that matter modifying political culture followed.

Earlier a lawyer could be a criminal lawyer or a civil one but now there are different fields which are in themselves very much bestowing. Fields like Corporate law, mediations, International law; Intellectual property Rights Environmental law etc. offer a career in themselves. There is a big gap of specialized people in these fields that is resulting in high demand of well-groomed law graduates and getting higher with growing of appliaction of law in different foelds. This gap is highly in demand to be bridged by the outcomming batches of NLUites as they are meeting the international standards of recruiters.These institute have student exchange programs with internationally renowned foreign institites which show the growing magnitude of the five year law course.

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